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About HillsYoga

At Hills Yoga you will receive QUALITY, EXPERTISE and PERSONAL ATTENTION. Our classes are tailored to SUIT YOUR NEEDS.


Hills Yoga has been offering yoga, meditation and specialised classes to the Hills community since 1999. We offer classes suitable for all levels of practice, from beginners to experienced students.

The studio is conveniently located in the heart of Castle Hill and is fully equipped with mats and other yoga props for the convenience of our students. Our teachers are fully qualified with years of teaching & personal practice and undergo regular training in yoga and health related modalities. 

The style of yoga taught at Hills Yoga emphasises synchronised breath and movements with proper alignment and incorporates static and vinyasa-style asanas.

Classes start with Asana practice which may include static postures and/or dynamic flow sequences. Asanas may be performed with modifications to suit the individual needs. Individual focus and personal instruction is provided as needed. Breath work when included in a session is practiced after Asanas. Each class ends with deep relaxation.

We recognise that we are all different and students are encouraged to work at their own level keeping their awareness inwards so as to develop inner connection. As students deepen their practice self- correction is encouraged in view of becoming in charge of ones own practice and developing self-mastery. 

PowerBirth is based on Corinne's research and personal experience of a stress free, painless, natural and speedy homebirth. Her program blends the art of yoga and mind power utilizing various techniques to help expectant mothers drop their fears, regain their sense of power, and view childbirth with a positive frame of mind. She has been teaching her program since 1999 at her Studio and Westmead Private. She also provides PowerBirth presentations to midwives and childbirth educators in the private sector.

The Meditation Training is designed to train the mind to remain centered and focused during the sitting, in view of giving a strong foundation for the practice of any kind of meditation practice. This program is based on Corinne's own experience, and utilizes techniques from different traditions.








"I have been attending your yoga studio for 2 months on Tuesday morning with Kirsten. I have really enjoyed my classes. I have knee problems, and am not very flexible. It's been great to find a yoga class that suits me, took me a long time to find the right one!"




I have been to 3 classes and have thoroughly enjoyed it! The class is a good balance between challenging to shape up, loosen the tension and amazingly relaxing. Kirsten like you, has an incredibly positive vibration she emanates to her students. Thank you for continuing to give us a blissful experience!"